white point ranch

In 1912, White Point Development Company purchased 437 acres of the peninsula and began to explore its oil and gas potential. Legendary stories of its production, pressure, and blowouts still exist to this day. Now, after more than 100 years of continual ownership, White Point Development Company has engaged The Gaines Organization as their exclusive broker to market this one of a kind property.

One can easily see why this was originally settled. The property abounds in production agriculture, and recreational hunting and fishing. As it did in 1856, it still offers tremendous potential.

The property is in a prime location for a private luxury ranch community, where home owners can fish, kayak, hunt, trail ride, and entertain friends and family, all without ever leaving the property. There is enough land to even add an airstrip and boat slips. The property consists of over 437 acres of partially fenced land, and the topography is unlike any other in the Gulf Coast Region of South Texas. There are beaches and wetlands at sea level, there are gulleys and gorges, and then there are higher locations of farm land at 64 feet above sea level. There are over 200 acres of row crop farmland, over 60 acres of pasture land, and well over 100 acres of native South Texas trees and brush.

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Given that this property has paved road access to Portland, Sinton, and Odem coupled with priceless sunset views of the Nueces Bay and endless outdoor recreational activities, we proudly invite you to consider White Point Ranch - today as a recreational paradise, and tomorrow as an outstanding luxury ranch community investment.

White Point Ranch is truly a one of a kind property. Rarely is it found on a single property that production agriculture, recreational fishing and hunting, and real estate development potential abound in seemingly endless supply. From the acres of row crop farmland to the lowlands near water, this property has a unique topography which provides for an aesthetically pleasing view of the Corpus Christi skyline, and allows for a wide variety of potential uses.

Land break down:

  • 60 acres of grass/hay
  • 201 acres of row crop farmland
  • 141 acres of brush
  • Plus acres of beach and lowlands